For Parents and Children

I love to read picture books, and here are some of my family’s favorites:

HOOWAY FOR WODNEY WAT by Helen Lester. This book was shared by my grandson, Michael, when he was five-years-old. He told me that I HAD to read this book. The main character’s real name is Rodney, but he can’t pronounce his R’s.  Wodney, er Rodney, is always teased for the way he pronounces his words. One day a bully comes to school. Read this story to see how Rodney is able to save his classmates from the antics of this bully.

I AM A TIGER by Karl Newsom and Ross Collins was the most requested picture book on a recent family vacation. My grandchildren range in age from 5 to 13, and they all asked for this book to be read again, and again, and again. I can still hear all of the giggles.

CORONA DAZE by Jennifer Angel is a timely book. Jennifer made the decision to self-publish this wonderful story illustrating the challenges children face as they navigate through the corona virus pandemic. Any parent wishing to bring comfort to a child through these unique times will find commonality in sharing Eva’s experiences, and Jennifer has done an excellent job writing this from a child’s perspective. The creative illustrations connect to both the young and adult readers .

Adults and children will be thoroughly entertained by these delightful books.

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